Sunday, May 24, 2020

Abstracts shared during 'Pose with painting' challenge (Pt. 4)

Note: These are the abstracts I did in Bintulu. I had a re-look at them during the extended Covid-19 holiday spent in Kuching. I shared these photos in my FB under the "Pose with painting" challenge.
All in all I shared 19 pictures of myself wearing face mask to remember the Covid19 lockdown days spent in the city.

Abstracts updated - Covid-19 Lockdown in Kuching (Pt. 3)

With a batik piece.

Note: Above are pictures I took when I had the idea of re-visiting my abstracts kept in Kuching. Since I have lots of time 'holidaying' in Kuching I thought of giving myself a challenge of posing with all the abstracts I kept here. To remember the pandemic lockdown era, I have decided to picture myself wearing a face mask. All told, I posted 19 paintings in my FB.  19 to resemble Covid-19 period. However, the figure 19 also included other paintings done in watercolour, mixed media and batik.

Abstracts updated - Covid-19 Lockdown in Kuching (Pt. 2)

Note: The above are abstract paintings done in emulsion paint on plywood many years ago.  These images are a reminder of the Covid-19 lockdown days that I spent in Kuching. The pictures were shared in my FB postings around that time.

Abstracts updated - Covid-19 Lockdown in Kuching (Pt 1)

Note: I am making use of the free time during this COVID-19 Lockdown 'holiday time', to re-visit the abstracts that are kept in Kuching. The pictures above have been shared in my FB postings, under 'Pose With Painting' challenge.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Self-portrait in 1974

Pen and Ink on Rough Pad Paper, 17x12 cm,unframed, 5 June 1974, Artist collection